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I want to Complete my Assessments in Paper Based Workbooks

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Want to complete your assessments via paper based & not on InterCare-Cloud Assess?  No problem.

We take our access and equity policies seriously and will always make alternatives available should you not have access to a smart device, tablet or computer.

You can attend Face to Face Classes and we can provide you copies of your assessments in a paper based format (no additional charges).

However, understanding the end outcome of most of our students is to gain employment within the sector, we encourage all our students to attempt to complete their assessments via our InterCare – Cloud Assess platform.

This will assist you in becoming familiar or re-familiarise yourself with the digital mediums that most workplaces will utilise once you complete the course and commence your new Aged Care &/or Disability Career.

Did you know that our InterCare-Cloud Assess platform can be accessed via an App (Apple App Store) or even a smart phone device (iOS or Android)?  You could even use these phones to complete reading or answer a few questions on the couch at home or on public transport to and from classes.

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